IAB102V10-1U 1U 2 inch RackExtender

for 19", 23" and 24" wide server rack. (1 pair)


Model # Description Price
IAB102V10-1U 1U 2" Rack Extender $25.00 BUY


  • Compatible with standard EIA-standard 19-inch, 23-inch and 24-inch wide open frames racks rack and 4 post server racks
  • EIA310D 9.5x9.5mm square cage nut mounting holes on the equipment side. Supports #10-32, #12-24, and M6 cage nuts.
  • OB Slots on the cabinet side allow for flexible installation adjustments, accommodating rack equipment of slightly smaller or larger sizes
  • OB Slots support #10-32, #12-24, and M6 rack screws.
  • 5.5mm mounting holes located between the OB Slots are compatible with #10-32, #12-24, and M6 rack screws.
  • Crafted from high-quality 14-gauge thick heavy-duty steel, featuring a powder paint finish for enhanced durability.
  • Increase or descrease the depth of your server by 2-inch.
  • Made in USA


IAB105V10 is what you need for your gap


No two rack cabinet configurations are alike; each one is unique and differs depending on the installed rack equipment. Some may be shorter, while others could be extra-long. This diversity poses challenges when adding additional rack equipment, such as network servers, routers, switches, power supplies, shelves, and other testing equipment. It's not always guaranteed that the rack equipment will come with the exact depth mounting bracket needed for a seamless installation. Ideally, the equipment would fit perfectly inside the rack cabinet without any extra work required. However, it is common for the cabinet depth configuration to be a couple of inches deeper than the new rack equipment. In such situations, a RACK EXTENDER becomes essential to complete the installation.


A RACK EXTENDER is a straightforward adapter designed to increase or decrease the depth of your server rack for front or rear side. It provides either a fixed depth or an adjustable depth, catering to your specific requirements. On one side, it features mounting holes for the vertical mounting rail, while the other side offers either tapped screw holes or cage nut holes for securing your rack equipment.

What is IAB102V10-1U rack extender
IAB102V10-1U build for safety

Build for Safety

Our Rack Extenders are engineered with safety as a top priority. In instances where the length of the rack extender is shorter, installers may encounter difficulties in achieving full contact with the rack screw head during installation. The only available method to tighten the screw in such cases is by angling the screwdriver through the side of the bracket. However, this approach only allows for partial contact with the screw head. As a result, there is a risk of damaging or stripping the screw head, leading to a loose screw. A loose screw poses a safety hazard.
To address this concern, our design provides installers with direct access to the rack screw through the cage nut holes. This method enables the screwdriver to have full contact with the screw head, significantly reducing the likelihood of damaging it and ensuring that the screw is fully tightened. By prioritizing direct access and enhanced contact, our Rack Extenders enhance safety during the installation process.

Extensive Selection

The IAB series fixed-length and adjustable length rack extenders have been meticulously engineered to be compatible with any EIA standard 19-inch, 23-inch, or 24-inch server rack cabinet that use either tapped screw holes or cage nuts. These extenders are constructed using heavy-duty 14-gauge CRS steel, ensuring durability, and they are finished with a black powder paint coating.
The IAB series rack extender offers a wide range of sizes to choose from, ranging from 1.1 inches to 10 inches in depth and 1U to 5U in height. Each bracket is equipped with oval holes on one side, accommodating M5, M6, #10-32, and #12-24 rack screws. On the other side, you'll find square cage nut holes that support standard cage nuts such as M6, #10-32, and #12-24. The spacing between the cage nut holes complies with the EIA-310 rack space standard. With the IAB series, all you need to do is select the appropriate depth extender for your installation, simplifying the process.

Extensive Rack Extender Selection
Conver from Tapped hole to Cage Nut

Transition from tapped to cage nut mounting holes

With our IAB rack extender, you have the option to convert your old tapped screw rack cabinet into one that uses cage nuts. For this conversion, you can choose between two options: the RCB1061 or the IAB102V10 rack extender, depending on your specific needs. To maintain maximum structural integrity, it is essential to install rack screws in all available oval rectangle holes on the cabinet side.
However, it's important to note that if you have toolless sliding rails or mounting brackets that need to be installed on the rear side of the vertical rack rail, the IAB rack extender may not be suitable for your requirements. In such cases, alternative solutions might be necessary.


Model IAB102V10-1U
Length 2 inch
Rack Size 1U
Thickness 14 Gauge (1.98mm) CRS
Cabinet Side 5.5mm holes and oblong slots. Support #10-32,#12-24 and M6 rack screws
Equipment Side 9.5x9.5mm square cage nut holes. Support #10-32, #12-24 and M6 Cage Nut.
Finish Black Powder Paint
Max Load Capacity 100 LB Max ( 4 Post configuration)
40 LB Max (2 Post configuration)
Dimension H x W x D 1.75" x 0.709" x 2" (44.45x18x50.8mm)
Hardware Included (8) #10-32 Screw, (4) #12-24 Screw, and (4) #10-32 Cage Nuts.
Country of Origin United States (US)
HTS Code 8302.50.0000

Technical Documents

Acrobat PDF reader required to read document.

Dimension Drawing

Dimensional Drawing in PDF format. Note: 3D STEP and DWG files are available upon request.

Installation Manual