IAB2403M01-1U 1U Rackmount Rear Bracket (403 mm depth)

1U Rear L Bracket
Model# Description Price
IAB2403M01-1U 1U Rackmount Front L Bracket 95mm depth. $21.99 BUY
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RSN1032S6-Q50 #10-32 Rack Screw QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
RSN1032KIT-Q50 #10-32 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts KIT QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY
RSN1224S6-Q50 #12-24 Rack Screw 5/8" Length QTY 50 per bag $7.00 BUY
RSN1224CAGE-Q50 #12-24 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $36.00 BUY
RSN1224KIT-Q50 #12-24 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts Kit QTY 50 per bag $43.00 BUY

2U Rack Reducer
What is a Rackmount Cantilever Brackets ?

IAB2403M01-1U is a general purpose 1U cantilever rackmount brackets design for mounting 1U height equipment in a standard EIA-310 rack cabinet. Our cantilever rackmount bracket has EIA-310 compliance OB mounting holes on the front flange. Side flange has two 90 degree flange on top and bottom to enhance structure. Two M4 counter sink holes and two OB slots offer mounting points for your equipment.
IAB2403M01-1U is light duty brackets design for light weight equipment such as network switch, short depth shelf. It can also function as center mount rackmount brackets when mounting at proper location.
Combine IAB2403M01-1U with IAB2095M02-1U rear mount bracket, it provides 4 post rack cabinet support for your equipment.


14AWG (1.98mm)
Oval Rectangle Slot
(2) OB mounting holes, (2) M4 Counter Sink Holes.
17.579" (446.50mm) MAX
Black E-Coat Semi-gloss Paint.
1.75" x 1.18" x 3.74" (44.45mm x 20mm x 95mm)
25 lb MAX

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IAB2403M01-1U CAD Drawing. PDF
2 IAB2403M01-1U Equipment Width Requirement. PDF
3 IAB2403M01-1U 360 PDF View. PDF

1U Rackmount Front L Bracket
1U Rackmount Front L Bracket
1U Rackmount Front L Bracket

Application Note

Ideal for Data Center, Testing Lab, Clean room, Solar and Wind Energy industry.