IRP20123S11 1U RACKMOUNT 9.2 inch DIN Rail Shelf

Model# Description Price
IRP20123S11 1U Rackmount 9.2 inch DIN Rail Shelf. $115.00 BUY


IRP20123S Rackmount DIN Rail shelf offers compact profile installation space for industrial standard EIA310 19” Wide 2 Post Relay Rack or 4 Post Cabinet. IRP20123S is specially design for application with limited installation space in mind. It features 17.35” W x 9.22” D surface with 3 rows of fixed mounting holes for your DIN Rail Equipment and obround slots for custom mounting. It supports both 2 Post Relay Rack and 4 post server rack.

13U Cabinet Install

Utilize UNUSED rack space.

The 1U DIN Rail shelf offers designer unique options to maximize the vertical and horizontal mounting space in your equipment rack. For horizontal mounting, you have 3 rows of mounting holes to position the DIN Rail to meet your DIN Rail Equipment Width requirement. This design is ideal for relay switch, Fuse, and terminal blocks. For application that required easy access to DIN Rail equipment, IRP204D-24 1U sliding DIN Rail panel might be a better option.

Cable Management Made Easy

IRP20123S comes with build in T shape cable tie cutout at front side and rear side to keep your cable organized. In addition, two large cable access holes located at both side for cable routing to the side cabinet

Cable Management holes

Customization without drilling.

One of the advantages for using IRP20123S is no drilling required for custom mounting. IRP20123S has many oblong slits on it which makes it ideal for custom mounting. It is not a precision way to mount your equipment but it gets the job done. You can either use plastic cable ties or M4 screws with hex nuts to secure your equipment through these slits. This method is a faster and cost-effective way for prototyping your design.


Top Hat Din Rail EN500222
35mm (W) x 7.5mm (H) x 398mm (L)
60mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 398mm (L)
One large rectangle cable access holes on both the right and left side.
(4) #10-32 rack screws, and (3) M4 screws.
16 Gauge, 1.59mm
Black Powder Paint finish
Not Available.
40LB Max.
5 LB
18.85" (478.82 mm) x 1.74" (44.39mm) x 9.22" (234.39mm)
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IRP20123S11 Dimensional CAD Drawing. PDF
2 IRP20123S11 Installation Manual PDF
3 IRP20123S11 360 Degree View PDF PDF
3D STEP and DWG files available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Elevator Control, Solar and Wind Energy industry.