IAB108V10-4U 4U 4" to 8.5" Adjustable Universal Rack Extender

Model# Description Price
IAB108V10-4U 4U 4" to 8" Adjustable Universal Rack Extender Black Color. (1 Pair) $45.00 BUY


No two rack cabinets configuration are alike. Each one is unique and different depends on the rack equipment installed. Some are short while other might be extra-long. This makes adding addition rack equipment such as network server, router, switch, power supply, shelves and other testing equipment more challenging. Not all rack equipment come with the exactly depth mounting bracket you need to complete your installation. If you are lucky, it fits perfectly inside your rack cabinet and no additional work required. The chances are that your cabinet depth configuration might be just couple of inches deeper than your new rack equipment. In this kind of situation, RACK EXTENDER is what you need to complete your installation.

Not long enough
Rack Extender


RACK EXTENDER is a simple “U” shaped adapter design for bridging the gap between your rack equipment mounting bracket to the vertical mounting rail on the rack cabinet. It offers either fixed depth or adjustable depth to meet your requirement. One side has mounting holes for the vertical mounting rail. Other side has either tapped screw holes or cage nut holes for your rack equipment. .

Build for Safety

Our Rack Extenders are engineered for safety. When the length of rack extender becomes shorter, installer will have difficulty making full contact with rack screw head when installing rack screw. Angling the screw driver through side of the bracket is the only way to tighten screw. This method only allows partial contact with screw head. As result, the screw head could be damaged or stripped, and the rack screw could be loose. A loose screw creates safety hazard. Our design allows installer to have direct access to rack screw through the cage nut holes side. This method allows screw driver to have full contact with screw head. This reduce the chance of damaging screw head and ensure screw is fully tightened.

Rack Extender Install

NOT long enough. NOT at problem

IAB108 series adjustable length rack extenders are engineered for use with any EIA310 standard 19”, 23” or 24” server rack cabinet with tapped screw holes or cage nuts. It is constructed with heavy duty 14 Gauge CRS with black powder paint finish for durability. IAB108 series adjustable rack extender offers adjustable length from 5" to 8" and 1U, 2U and 4U in height to select from. Each bracket has oval holes on one side supporting M5, M6, #10-32 and #12-24 rack screws. The square cage nuts holes on other side supports standard cage nuts such as M6, #10-32 and #12-24. The spacing between cage nut holes complies with EIA-310 rack space standard. All you need to do is just pick the right depth extender for your installation.

Convert from tapped to Cage Nut mounting holes

Your old tapped screw rack cabinet can be converted to use cage nuts with our IAB rack extender. For most of rack equipment, you can choose either RCB1061 or IAB102V10 rack extender for the conversion. To ensure the maximum structure integrity, you have to install rack screws in all available oval rectangle holes on the cabinet side.

If you have toolless sliding rail or mounting brackets that required to be installed on rear side of the vertical rack rail, IAB rack extender might not work for you.

Tapped Converter


Adjustable Length Extender
4 inch to 8.17 inch
EIA-310-D spacing oval rectangle holes
EIA-310-D spacing square Cage Nut mounting holes
14 Gauge, 1.98mm CRS
177.40mm x 20mm x 207.60mm (7" x 0.78" x 8.17")
Black Powder Paint finish
100 LB Max (4 Post configuration)
40 LB Max (2 Post configuration)
(1 Pair) IAB108V10-4U, (8) 10-32 Cage nuts, (8) 10-32 x 5/8", (8) 10-32 x 3/8", (8) #10-32 Hex nuts with nylon insert and (4) 12-24 Rack screws.
5 LB
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IAB108V10-4U Dimensional Drawing. PDF
2 IAB108V10-4U Installation Manual PDF
3D STEP and DWG files available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Elevator Control, Solar and Wind Energy industry.