IAB108V10-4U 4U 4" to 8.5" Adjustable Universal Rack Extender

4U x 8" Extender
Model# Description Price
IAB108V10-4U 4U 4" to 8" Adjustable Universal Rack Extender Black Color. (1 Pair) $45.00 BUY
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IAB102V10-1U 1U 2" Universal Rack Extender Black Color. (1 Pair) $25.00 BUY
IAB102V10-2U 2U x 2" Rack Extender $26.00 BUY
IAB102V10-3U 3U x 2" Rack Extender $27.00 BUY
IAB102V10-4U 4U x 2" Rack Extender $29.00 BUY
IAB103V10-1U 1U x 3" Rack Extender $26.00 BUY
IAB103V10-2U 2U x 3" Rack Extender $27.00 BUY
IAB103V10-3U 3U x 3" Rack Extender $28.00 BUY
IAB103V10-4U 4U x 3" Rack Extender $30.00 BUY
IAB104V10-1U 1U x 4" Rack Extender $27.00 BUY
IAB104V10-2U 2U x 4" Rack Extender $28.00 BUY
IAB104V10-3U 3U x 4" Rack Extender $29.00 BUY
IAB104V10-4U 4U x 4" Rack Extender $32.00 BUY
IAB108V10-4U 4U x 8" Rack Extender $45.00 BUY
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RSN1032S6-Q50 #10-32 Rack Screw QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
RSN1032CAGE-Q50 #10-32 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
RSN1032KIT-Q50 #10-32 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts KIT QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY
RSN1224S6-Q50 #12-24 Rack Screw 5/8" Length QTY 50 per bag $7.00 BUY
RSN1224CAGE-Q50 #12-24 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $36.00 BUY
RSN1224KIT-Q50 #12-24 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts Kit QTY 50 per bag $43.00 BUY


Not all rack cabinets have the same depth. Some rack cabinets are shorter, some are deeper. That is the same with rackmount equipment. You never know what you are going to get until you actually install it in your cabinet. If you are lucky, it fits perfectly inside your rack cabinet. The chance are that your cabinet might be just a couple of inches deeper than your rackmount equipment supports. In this kind of situation, you will need a RACK EXTENDER. A rack extender is a pair “U” shaped brackets design to extend a section of the rear vertical mounting rails to reach your rackmount equipment's mounting brackets.

IAB108 is a universal depth adjustable rack extender. It is ideal for bridging gap between your rack equipment and your front or rear vertical mounting rail. The IAB108V10-4U comes with two brackets. The main brackets is using our IAB104V10-4U and a 5 inch rear “L” adjustable brackets. IAB108V10-4U includes all of the features offer by IAB104V10-4U. In addition, the rear “L” brackets feature oblong slots which makes IAB108 adjustable from 4.375 inch to 8.5 inch. Both brackets are joint together with 10-32 machine screws with nylon insert locknuts. The nylon insert lock nuts lessen the chance that the nuts will become loose due to vibrations.

IAB108 is engineered for use in any standard 19”, 23” or 24” rack cabinets. It is constructed with heavy duty 14 Gauge steel with a black powder paint finish for durability. It has oval holes on one side supporting M5, M6, 10-32 and 12-24 rack screws for mounting to cabinet rail. The square cage nuts holes on other side supports standard cage nuts such as M6, #10-32 and #12-24 for heavier weight support. .

We offer complete lines of rack extenders from 1U to 5U with depth ranging from 1.1” to 10” deep


  • Universal design works with any standard EIA-310 19 inch, 23 inch and 24 inch relay racks or 4-post racks
  • No need to angle your screw driver to access rack screws inside the U bracket.
  • Ultra-compact “U” shape design.
  • Heavy duty 14 Gauge (1.98mm) steel.
  • Vertical Rail side supports rack screws #10-32, #12-24, M4, M5, and M6
  • Front side supports cage nuts #10-32, #12-24, M4, M5 and M6
  • Supports standard EIA-310 rackmount equipment
  • Extend from 4 inch to 8.17" in depth
  • Includes mounting hardwares.
  • Other sizes available. More Info


4 inch to 8.17 inch
14 Gauge, 1.98mm
EIA-310-D spacing oval rectangle holes
EIA-310-D spacing square Cage Nut mounting holes
177.40mm x 20mm x 207.60mm (7" x 0.78" x 8.17")
Black Powder Paint finish
100 LB Max.
(1 Pair) IAB108V10-4U, (8) 10-32 Cage nuts, (8) 10-32 x 5/8", (8) 10-32 x 3/8", (8) #10-32 Hex nuts with nylon insert and (4) 12-24 Rack screws.
5 LB
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IAB108V10-4U Dimensional Drawing. PDF
2 IAB108V10-4U Installation Manual PDF
3 3D STEP and DWG files available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note