IRP208DB-10U 10U Rackmount Din Rail BOX

Model# Description Price
IRP208DB-10U 10U Rackmount DIN Rail Box. $369.00 BUY


Most of the industrial control panel projects are unique and almost all requires custom build solution. For small custom build solution, it usually means higher cost and longer lead time. There is no way around it for custom build project until now. Introducing the new adjustable depth rackmount din rail panel. IRP208DB offers traditional panel fabricator a way to reduce cost and shorten lead time for small and larger projects.

Our industrial control panel (ICP) solution offers simple and easy way to be integrate into any ICP design. Our Din Rail products are design specifically for industrial standard 2 post relaty rack, and 4 Post EIA-301 19” rackmount cabinet. Since, EIA-310 19” rackmount cabinet is widely used in the telecom and data center industry, panel fabricator or in-house engineer can easily order 19” cabinet from almost any e-retailer or local reseller at very competitive pricing.

EIA-310 19” cabinet offers excellent air flow, security and protection from environment. It is available in many sizes ranging from 13U up to 47U. The mounting platform can be as simple as a 2 Post relay rack to a fully enclosed 4 post cabinet with a build in air conditioning unit. With so many size and shape to choose from, you will not have any problem finding a suitable size enclosure for your project need.

13U Cabinet Install
System Features List
  • 1 Adjustable position DIN Rail .
  • 2 PVC Wire Duct.
  • 3 TOP Cover Panel
  • 4 Depth Adjustable Ear Bracket
  • 5 Additional Rear Mount DIN Rail Bar
  • 6 Compatbile with 2 Post and 4 Post Serverr Rack.

IRP208DB series DIN Rail Box is a purpose build fully customizable DIN Rail enclosures designed for both 2 Post Relay Rack and 4 Post standard 19" rack cabinet. It features 8" deep installation space. IRP208DB has integrated M4 PEM nuts at strategic locations which makes mounting DIN Rail fast and easy. Additional mounting positions are available via the square cage nut holes on the panel. We offer RSN1035K1 cage nut kit which is design for mounting on these square cage nut holes.

IRP208DB includes removable top and bottom metal covers for application that requires additional safety and protection for DIN Rail equipment as well as equipment operators. Larger cable access holes on right and left side offers more cable routing options.

Combineing IRP208DB with our DIN Rail Bar can double your useable DIN Rail instrument space. IRP101D DIN Rail Bar offers you a way to add additional DIN Rail or PVC Wire duct to front and rear side of IRP208DB. IRP208DB gives you more flexability for your industrial control panel design.

EXpansion Bar
Cover Panel

For application that requires front cover panel for additional safety and protection, you can use our RCB1090-5U with IRP1-FPK kit. You will need to use (2) RCB1090-5U to cover the 10U space. The IRP1-FPK kit allows you to mount the filler panel on top of the IRP208DB-10U. This method allows you to remove RCB1090-5U panel without removing IRP208DB-10U. If your application requires the cover panel to be integrated with IRP208DB-10U as single unit, you can also use (2) IRP105S 5U solid panel to flash mount on the front.


Top Hat Din Rail EN500222
35mm (W) x 7.5mm (H) x 398mm (L)
(6) #10-32 rack screws, and (26) M4 screws.
14 Gauge, 1.98mm
12 Gauge.
Black Powder Paint finish
(1) #6-32 standoff
100 LB Max
18.92" x 17.49" x 8.02" ( 480.56mm x 444.36mm x 203.7mm)
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 IRP208DB-10U Dimensional CAD Drawing. PDF
2 IRP208DB-10U PDF 360 View PDF
3 IRP208DB-10U Installation Manual PDF
3D STEP and DWG files are available upon request. Need major or minor modification? Call for detail.

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Elevator Control, Solar and Wind Energy industry.