SBC1134-1G-K1 Intel Pentium III PICMG Single Board computer w/P3 1Ghz Processor, CPU Heatsink and 256MB Memory Kit.

P3 1Ghz
Model# Description Price
SBC1134-1G-K1 P3 1 Ghz SBC Card W/256MB Memory and CPU Heatsink. $695.00 BUY
Product ID Description Price Buy
SBC1133-1G-K1 Pentium III 1 Ghz SBC W/ 256MB Memory Installed. $20.00 BUY


The SBC1134 Pentium III Single board computer is an industrial motherboard designed as replacement unit for legacy application running in Windows 98, Windows 2000, windows XP professional operating system environment. The SBC1133 also offers a legacy ISA Bus support in addition to a standard PCI 32 bit Bus support. It provides ideal platform for extending your existing legacy system product life cycle.

The SBC1133 Pentium III single board computer complies with industrial standard PICMG 1.0 design. It is compatible with any passive or active backplane that is PICMG 1.0 compliance. It offers full support for older technology such as PATA 40 Pin Hard Drive, Floppy Drive , RS232 serial ports, USB 2.0 devices and PCI addon cards. SBC1133 can be reconfigure to meet your software and hardware need.

The SBC1133-1G-K1 Pentium III Kit comes with a Intel Pentium III 1 Ghz Processor w/ 256K Cache @ 133 Mhz FSB , Low Profile CPU Copper Heatsink and 256MB PC-133 Memory Installed. With SBC1133-1G-K1 you do not need to worried about finding the correct CPU, Heatsink and Memory. It is fully tested and ready to plug and play.

What is PICMG 1.0 slot?

PICMG 1.0 is PICMG specifications that define the industrial motherboard form factor and the interface connecting to the backplane that offers ISA and PCI expansion slots. There are two different versions of PICMG standard available on the market such as PICMG 1.0 and PICMG 1.3. PICMG 1.3 specification is very different from PICMG 1.0. You will not be able to use PICMG 1.0 single board computer with a backplane that supports only PICMG 1.3 version. Only PICMG 1.0 comply backplane has the correct connector to support PICMG 1.0 single board computer.

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Intel Pentium III or Celeron (FC-PGA2) Processor
Socket 370
133/100/66 Mhz
Intel Pentium III 1.0 Ghz @ 133 Mhz, 256 K Cache w/ Heatsink
(2) 168-pin DIMM Slots PC100
Un-Buffer and Non-ECC DIMM
Intel 815E , ICH2
Integrated 815 graphic chipset (VGA)
(1) 15 pin VGA
(2) Intel 10/100BASE-TX (Intel 82801BA & Intel 82599 ) Ethernet ports
(1) USB 2.0 Ports
(2) IDE PATA 40 Pin Connectors
(1) 34 Pin Floppy Drive Connector
(1) M-Systems Flash Disk DIP 32 PIN Socket.
(2) 9 Pin RS232 Ports (16C550 UART)
6 pin mini DIN connector for Keyboard and Mouse
Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro 32 bit, Windows 98, DOS 6.22
Watchdog timeout can be programmed by software from 1,2,4,8,32,...., 256 seconds
FCC Class A
0° to 55° C
-20° to 75° C
10 to 90% (non-condensing)
338.58mm (L) x 122mm (w) (13.3" x 4.8")
1 lb
Limited 1 year warranty

Technical Document

Description Download
1 System Board Manual PDF
2 Device Driver for DOS, Windows. ZIP

Application Note

Ideal for Automation, Process Control, Testing Equipment, Clean room, Solar and Wind Energy industry.