CAB-IDE2MIN19 19" IDE HDD Cable (1)44 pin 2.00mm Pitch Connector. (2) 40 pin 2.54mm Pitch IDE Cable

IDE Cable
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CAB-IDE2MIN19 19" (2) 40 Pin PATA with (1) 44 Pin PATA Connector IDE Cable $14.00 BUY
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CAB-IDE2MIN8 8" PATA IDE Cable (1) 40 pin 2.0mm PITCH Connector (1)40 pin 2.54mm PITCH Connector $10.00 BUY
CAB-IDEE18-1 18" (3) IDC 40 pin PATA Enhanced IDE Cable $2.00 BUY


CAB-IDE2MIN19 is a special 19” long internal IDE Hard drive cable design for Industrial Single Board computer which uses mini 44 pins 2.00mm PITCH IDC Connector. This cable is design for legacy hard drive support for application that still uses old fashion 40 pin PATA IDE hard drive or IDE CD-ROM Drive. CAB-IDEMIN19 supports up to (2) 40 PIN PATA Hard Drive for Master and Slave configuration.


(1) IDC-44 pin PITCH 2.00mm IDE Female Connector
(2) IDC-40 pin PITCH 2.54mm IDE Female Connector
40 Wire PATA IDE Cable
19 Inch

Technical Document

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1 CAB-IDE2MIN190 CAD Drawing N/A

IDE Cable
IDE Cable

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