TM355 Industrial Rackmount PC w/ 14 ISA Slots



Overview The TMS-355 is an industrial rackmount PC design specifically for replacing your existing DOS 6.2 or QNX 2.0 control system. The TMS-355 features a slow speed 300 Mhz x86 SOC processor with build in 128MB DDR2 memory which is critical for running legacy application. Featuring an internal 14 slots ISA bus, and choice of communication buses ( serial, parallel, USB and Ethernet). It can be configured to address the requirement of your legacy system. The TMS-355 ships with 128MB memory, an 80GB IDE Hard Drive, 1.44MB floppy drive and USB floppy emulator.

ISA support

TMS-355 works with half-length ISA or full-length ISA boards. TMS-355 supports up to 12 ISA full-length ISA board. It also comes with a (3) large 120mm high CFM cooling fan located in the middle of the chassis for proper thermal management.

Floppy Disk to USB memory stick conversion

TMS-355 incorporates FDE-QNX floppy drive emulator to save your QNX or DOS disk files to a USB thumb drive. This features is especially useful for QNX user. QNX user can save qnx files to or from USB thumb drive without a software driver.

Can't find what you need ?

Beside our standard system configuration, we also offer custom build industrial system solution to meet your project requirement. We have been in custom build industrial PC solution for over 20 years. We specialize in custom build replacement system for your ageing industrial control PC. Most of our customer need customer build solution because they have invested a lot of money and energy into their existing capital equipment. Sometimes replacing it is simply out of question and way too costly. Replacing existing industrial control PC on the other hand is a cost effective method to bring new life into your capital equipment investment. In addition, by upgrading your industrial control PC, you can reduce system down time usually associated with ageing system. The investment for a new industrial PC will pay for itself in the long run. Give us a call and see if we can help you to build a new industrial control PC. If you let us know what you need. Usually we can come up with a solution to your requirement. .


  • Support up to (12) full-length ISA addon card
  • Fits in to any standard EIA310 19" Cabinet. (23" cabinet requires rack reducer)
  • Compatible with DOS 6.2 and QNX 2 application
  • Extend product life cycle for your legcy system
  • Saves money on expensive capital equipment upgrade

Order Info

Description Price Buy
x86 300 Mhz ISA 4U Rackmount system w/ 14 ISA slots, FD and 80GB HD $2060.00 Buy
IDE Removable Hard Drive Drawer Unit ( Housing and Drawer ) $59.00 BUY
QNX 8 bit coax arcnet card ISA version. Part Numer: CTN118 $699.00 BUY
SWD CN2000 ISA Ethernet card w/QNX TCP/IP software. Part Number: SWD-KOP-TCP/IP $999.00 BUY
QNX TBACKUP Software with Adaptec 1542CP ISA SCSI Controller $499.00 BUY
Adapter AH-1542CP ISA 16 Bit SCSI Controller $199.00 BUY

Technical Info

  • Support Legcy OS ( DOS, Windows 3.11, and QNX )
  • Support full size and full length ISA addon cards.
  • High CFM 120mm internatl Fan cooling.
  • Power on/off AT swtich
  • 300 Watts AT Power Supply
  • Removable Hard drive
  • Old fastion 1.44MB Floppy Drive
  • Ultra slow speed for legcy addon card or applicaiton.

Vortex86SX 300 Mhz
128MB DDR2 (Max)
80GB IDE HDD (Removable)
(1) 3.5" FDD, (1) 3.5" FD Emulator, and (1) CF Reader.
(3) RS-232 9 pin, (1) RS-232/422/485, (1) Parallel port, and (1) 16-bit GPIO port
RJ45 RL8100B 10/100BaseT Ethernet
XGI Voiari Z8s Chip set w/ 32mb video RAM
(12) full-length ISA 16 bit slot, (1) PC/104
(1) PS2 keyboard, (1) PS2 Mouse connector
(5) 5.25" half height drive bay
MSDOS 6.2 and QNX2
115 or 220 VAC ( manual switch)
50 to 60 Hz
300 Watts
AT (on/off switch)
0 to 50 C ( 32 to 122 F)
-20 to 60 C ( -4 to 140 F)
5 to 85% @ 40 C (noncondensing)
(3) 120mm fan
26" (D) x 17" (W) x 7" (H)
55 lb
19" rack-mount
Cold Roll Steel
Black Power Paint finish
Limited 1 year warranty

Description Files
1 TMS355-300 Specification Sheet PDF

TMS-355 Photo Gallery


  • Upgrade existing DOS & QNX based control system
  • Factory automation
  • Telecommunication