RSF1120K1V14 Low Profile Adjustable Rails Kit

Adjustable Rail


The RSF1120K1V14 4 Post low profile adjustable rails provides a simple, low cost solution for managing your Desktops, Mini-Towers and non-rackmountable equipment in a standard 19”, 23” or 24” EIA rack. Traditional rack shelf occupied at least 1U of rack space for use on any type of Desktop PC, Mini-Towers and non-rackmountable equipment. If you wish to reduce the rack space size, your equipment must have mounting holes on both side to support a pair of 19” or 23” rack ear (L bracket). If your non-rackmountable equipment or computer system do not have the right mounting holes or rack ear support, RSF1120K1V14 might be the solution for you. RSF1120K1V14 is design specially for mounting desktop computer, mini tower computer and non-rackmountable equipment in a standard rack. Its low profile design occupied less than 1U of rack space. It functions just like a standard rack shelf except it uses minimum amount of rack space.

The new and improved RSF1120K1V14 offer several new features over our origional RSF1120K1 rail.

Universal Rack Support

RSF1120K1V14 is design to support various depth 4 post rack cabinet from 17” up to 30” in depth. Our unique S body rail design and use of heavier 14 gauge sheet metal ensures proper weight support in any depth adjustment.

Optional Rear support bracket

RSF1120K1V14 has 2.5" x 16" deep supporting flange for most of network or computer equipment. If you have a equipment longer than 20", you will need to install an optional rear support L bracket. The optional rear support bracket offers additional safety support for your equipment. You do not want to have your equipment with more than 50% of bottom area floating on air without support.

Horizontal Adjustment bracket

You can reduce horizontal movement with our horizontal adjustment bracket for your equipment, mini Desktop and Tower Case. You can adjust the bracket to match width of your equipment.

RSF1120K1V14 is ideal for 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U lightweight network equipment, telecom equipment, computer servers, and workstations installation. No drilling into your equipment required. You simply slid your equipment in and you are done. In short, RSF1120K1 offers rack mounting support at an affordable price.


  • Automation
  • Process Control
  • Testing Equipment
  • Data Center

Order Info

Description Price Online Order
Low Profile Adjustable Rail. (1 PK) $73.00
Horizontal adjustment bracket kit for RSF1120K1. (1 pair) $20.99
#10-32 Rack Screw QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#10-32 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#10-32 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts KIT QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw 5/8" Length QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#12-24 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts Kit QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY

Technical Info

  • Fits into a standard Industrial EIA310 19”, 20", 23" or 24" Cabinet
  • Low profile design
  • Universal 4 post rack support
  • Adjustable rear sliding bracket supports cabinet depth from 17" to 30"
  • Additional Rear Support for longer depth equipment (Optional Part#OA-1120-1)
  • Additional flange design for better weight support
  • Use of heavier 14 gauge thick sheet metal for better weight support at 30" depth configuration
  • Easy to Install

  1. Front mount Base Bracket.
  2. Optional Rear Support Bracket (OA-1120-1).

0U Rack Space
16.79" (min)
30" (max)
14" Wide (If install in 19" Wide Cabinet)
Cold Roll Steel
Black Semi-Gloss paint finish (scratch resistance)
150* lb @ 30" depth
10 lb
Limited 3 year warranty

Description Files
1 RSF1120K1V14 Low Profile Shelf Technical Drawing PDF
2 RSF1120K1V14 Low Profile Shelf Technical Drawing (Autocad file) DWG
3 RSF1120K1V14 Equipment Width Requirement Technical Drawing for 19" Cabinet PDF
4 RSF1120K1V14 Installation Manual PDF

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Adjustable Rack Rail
Adjustable Rail
Adjustable Rail
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