RSF1041K2 Vented 4 post sliding rack shelf

Replace by RSF1041BK11S4K2

RSF1041K2 1U Sliding Shelf

RSF1041K2 is design for 19" EIA-310 4 Post Enclosure

RSF1030K5 install in 4 Post Rack

RSF1041K2 vented 4 Post sliding rackmount shelf provides a simple, low cost solution to support a light to medium weight equipment in a standard 4 post 19" EIA rack. Ideal for testing equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, keyboards, laptops, notebook, rackmount computer, Desktop or Mini Tower Computer, CRT or LCD monitors, laser, inkjet printer, network switches, telecom equipment , and laboratory equipment for researchers.

What is a sliding rackmount shelf ?

A sliding rackmount shelf is a standard 1U rackmount shelf attached to a pair of ball bearing sliding rail. The sliding shelf can be either fully retracted or fully extended outward. When it is fully retracted, its front panel is fully flush against the cabinet. You can pull the shelf out just like a drawer unit. Some of the sliding rail can only extend 75% of its body length, some can fully extend out of the cabinet. The length of extension depends on the load on the shelf. Sliding shelf offers easy access to equipment stored in the cabinet. It is especially useful if you have very tight space in the cabinet to work with. The fully extended sliding shelf brings the equipment out in to the open effortlessly.

What makes RSF1041K2 different from other rack shelf?

Safety is the most important part of our design for our RSF1041K2. Unlike other rack shelf manufactures, we include a cable strap anchor system to prevent your bulky equipment from sliding out or moving due to vibration in either fully retracted or fully extended position. Up to 6 cable strap anchors can be installed from front to back of the rack shelf. These anchors ensures your safety as well as to protect your equipment from unnecessary damages.

In addition to our anchor system, our RSF1041K2 can be lock in place using thumb screws located at both side of the front panel when it is fully retracted. This prevents our shelf from accidently sliding out in any kind of situation.

When our RSF1041K2 is fully extended, it also has a safety feature to lock itself in place. In our sliding rail system, we use a metal clip that clicks when it is in locked position. Most of the low cost sliding shelf manufactures use a plastic clip instead to lower cost. We believe that using a metal clip is a better choice to ensure our sliding rail stops when it is fully extended.

The 2nd unique feature is the wire access ports located at rear top side of the shelf. RSF1041K2 offers 2 wire access ports for your power cable, USB Cable, Network Cable or another type of cables. The cable goes under the rack shelf and exit at the wire access ports at the rear. This feature helps you to better organize your data cable and shelf space.

Another unique feature is the 2nd panel in the RSF1041K2 can be converted into a storage tray. Just by reversing the 2nd panel, you get a storage tray at no additional cost.


  • Fits in to any standard EIA-310 19” 4 post cabinet. (23” cabinet requires RCB1060 rack reducer)
  • Available in both solid and vented version
  • Adjustable rear bracket works with enclosure depth range from 24 ½” to 30”
  • Maximum of 392 Square Inch of shelf space .
  • Easy to install and remove of the sliding rail
  • Shelf extends up to 17” outward
  • Shelf can be locked in fully retracted position
  • RSF1041K2 locks itself in position when fully extended
  • Equipped with removable cable strap anchor system
  • Shelf can be fully detached from the sliding rail


  • Mounting standard mini-tower or desktop computer
  • Ideal for mounting Rackmount Computer that does not have the correct rackmount rails
  • Audio & Video Studio
  • Mobile RV
  • Research Laboratory
  • Telecommunication

Order Info

Description Price Buy
1U Sliding Rackmunt Shelf $169.00 Buy

  • Sliding rail Auto lock during full extension
  • Vented slots for better cooling
  • Lockable in fully retracted position
  • Secure equipment with removable anchor system
  • Adjustable rear mount sliding rail bracket
  • Heavy duty Sliding Rail System
  • Detachable shelf
  • Option to convert 2nd rear panel into storage tray
  • Optional 20" short depth sliding rail
Sliding Shelf compair

1U Rack Space
Ball Bearing
23.35" (D) x 16.81"(W)
Cold Roll Steel
Black Power Paint finish
23.35" (D) x 16.81" (W) x 1.33" (H)
18 lb
Limited 3 year warranty

Description Files
1 2D Autocad, 24" Deep Dimension Layout PDF
2 2D Autocad, 24" with Sliding Shelf fully extended Dimension Layout PDF

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