RCB1200 Power Adapter Mini-Shelf

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RCB1200 is design for 19" EIA-310 2 post or 4 Post Enclosure

Power Adapter Shelf

RCB1200 Power Adapter Rack Shelf provides a simple, low cost solution to organize “power bricks” in a standard 2 post or 4 post 19" EIA rack. Ideal for manage “power bricks” or “ Power Adapters” connecting to thin client PC, Network Switches, Notebook computer, Video surveillance equipment and other electronic equipment.

What is a Power Adapter Rack shelf ?

RCB1200 Power Adapter Rack Shelf is a specialize mini shelf design specially for “ power bricks”. The bridge holes and air vent slots on the RCB1200 are idea location to secure and organize your power bricks. The air vent slots also provides proper air flow to cool down your power brick.

The RCB1200 is design to better manage power bricks in a standard 19” rack. As more manufactures design their equipment to utilize power brick, the cable wire management panel becomes in effective at organize “line lumps” between cables. Our RCB1200 is design to overcome that problem. Each RCB1200 is design to handle up to 10 power brick per shelf. If need to, you can also double your power brick density by mounting your power bricks on top side as well as bottom side of RCB1200 mini shelf.

If you have a limited space in your rack enclosure, and you need small shelf to hold your light weight equipment, RCB1200 might just be the solution you are looking for.


  • Fits in to any standard EIA-310 19” 4 post cabinet. (23” cabinet requires RCB1060 rack reducer)
  • Can be mounted on either side
  • Maximum of 100 Square Inch of shelf space
  • Shelf is easy to install and remove
  • Keeps power bricks organized


  • Thin Client PC/ Remote access
  • Surveillance Industry
  • Data Center
  • Digital Signage control
  • Telecommunication

Order Info

Description Price Buy
Power Adapter Rack Shelf $NA Buy
#10-32 Rack Screw QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#10-32 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#10-32 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts KIT QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw 5/8" Length QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#12-24 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts Kit QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY

  • Secure up to 10 Power Brick per side.
  • Secure power bricks with standard cable tie
  • Excellent air flow for proper cooling
  • Mount into standard 2 post or 4 post 19” rack
  • Ultra compact design

less then 1U Rack Space
23.35" (D) x 16.81"(W)
10 per side
Cold Roll Steel
Black Power Paint finish
23.35" (D) x 16.81" (W) x 1.33" (H)
17 lb
Limited 3 year warranty

Description Files
1 2D Autocad, Isomatric view Dimension Layout PDF

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