IRP1-0325V 3U Rackmount Adjustable Vented Panel

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IRP1 series Solid and Vented Panel are design for industrial control panel in a standard 19” or 23” rack. IRP1 series solid panels are ideal for mounting power circuits and/or control circuits in a telecom rack. By building your industrial control panel in a standard EIA-310-E rack you can lower your production cost and shorten your production lead time.

What makes IRP1 series panel different?

The most difficult part of custom mounting your equipment in an enclosure is precision drilling mounting holes. Unless you have a large CNC machine at your disposal, you will have to drill mounting holes manually with a hand held drill. It is time consuming and error-prone process. With IRP1 series solid panels, you can reduce your drilling time and mistakes. IRP1 series solid panels are small enough to fit on any drill press table. You can make any holes or tape screw thread with eases. Even if you made a mistake, you can get a new panel instead of a complete new enclosure. This method is fast and efficient for small quantity production run.

What can you do with IRP1 series solid panel?

IRP1 series sold panels can be secure in three different depth positions. (Front, Center and Rear) You can use it as base panel for your power supply circuit, control circuit, and wire management at rear position. You can also use it as front panel with custom cut holes for on/off switches, LED display screen, LED indicate lights, control knobs, or push buttons, access ports and other instruments. In addition, you can have either just one panel installed or two panels installed in parallel configuration. The possibilities are endless.

Can I use IRP1 series panel with RCB11 series Rackmount DIN Rail Panel?

>Yes, IRP1 panels are fully compatible with RCB1111, RCB1112, RCB1118, RCB1122, RCB1132 and RCB1138. Please check our panel selection chart for the correct panels for RC B11 series Din Rail Panels.

Can I just buy IRP1 panel itself?

Yes, you can purchase just the panel by itself as optional item.

Why use 19” rackmount cabinet?

Mounting DIN rail equipment on a standard EIA-310-E 19” Rackmount Cabinet avoids the myriad problems associated with conventional custom built Din Rail equipment enclosure. It does not require a special tools or skill set to mount the Din Rail. It does not need a long lead time. It does not need to be special order.

Standard EIA-310-E 19” rackmount cabinet is one of the most popular enclosure for IT and Telecommunication industry. It offers excellent air flow, security and protection from environment. It is available in many size ranging from 3U up to 47U. The mounting platform can be as simple as a 2 Post relay rack to a fully enclosed 4 post cabinet with a build in air conditioning unit. With so many sizes and shapes to choose from, you will not have any problem finding a suitable size enclosure for your project need.

EIA-310-E 19” cabinet is supported by virtually all of the major equipment manufactures in the world. The best reason for using a standard 19” rackmount cabinet instead of custom build enclosure is the reduction in cost and delivery schedule. By using a standard EIA-310-E 19” rackmount cabinet, you can be sure that you can get continuing support for your application need.

IRP1 series solid panel is built on the standard

IRP1 series solid panels are design with standard in mind. You can mount them on any standard 2 post, 4 post or wall mount 19” cabinet.

*±2mm max tolerance


  • Automation
  • Process Control
  • Testing Equipment
  • Data Center

Order Info

Description Price Buy
3U Rackmount Vented Panel. $NA Buy
3U Rackmount solid panel. $NA Buy
#10-32 Rack Screw QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#10-32 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#10-32 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts KIT QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw 5/8" Length QTY 50 per bag $4.00 BUY
#12-24 Cage Nuts QTY 50 per bag $25.00 BUY
#12-24 Rack Screw and Cage Nuts Kit QTY 50 per bag $33.00 BUY

Technical Info

  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty design
  • 3 adjustable panel depth
  • Support SPACE DOUBLER™ mounting systems
  • Support 2 Post and 4 Post open frame rack
  • Works with compact cabinet
  • Works with standard EIA-310-E Cabinet
  • Vented Panel version available

3U Rackmount Adjustable Depth Vented Panel
  1. EIA-310-E 19" mounting support.
  2. Side cable access ports.
  3. Dual Panel Configuration. (Optional )
  4. Adjustable Panel Position.

3U Rack Space
(1) Vented
18.92"(w) x 5.25"(h) x 9.84"(d) (480.56mm x 133.35mm x 250mm )
Cold Roll Steel
12 Gauge (1.98mm) Ear Bracket, 14 Gauge (1.59mm) Panel
Black Semi-Gloss Paint finish
50 lb
10 lb
Limited 3 Year Warranty

Description Files
1 IRP1-0325S 2D Autocad Dimension Layout PDF
2 IRP1-0325S Installation Manual PDF
3 DWG File Available Upon Request DWG

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Rackmount Vented Panel 3U
Rackmount Vented Panel 3U
Rackmount Vented Panel 3U